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Lectra Lust describes their sound as "cerebral synth pop."The quartet offers fans and listeners a new sensation, stimulated by a sleek layer of synth driven new wave overtones and warm accented vintage guitar textures, which are all commanded by the percussive rhythmic nu disco breakbeats and highlighted by driving bass lines.

The members of Lectra Lust started making electro pop music in late December of 2012 after being introduced to one another at a tacky Christmas sweater party. Yes, that is a true story. The band is led by outlandish frontman, Joe Davies, who hails from the birth place of rock and roll, Memphis TN. Mike Meehan, is the bassist, sound engineer, guitar tech, and roadie....all in one. He grew up on Sullivan's Island. Jamie Teske grew up West of the Ashley, plays a mean guitar, and loves long walks on the beach. Brooks Wharton, a native of Sumter, is the beatmaster. Mike, Jamie, and Brooks had played in a couple of bands together for a couple of years before they met Joe. Joe's previous Electronic Dance Music (AKA Digital Joe) experience helped shape and guide Lectra Lust's current sound today.

Lectra Lust is one of Charleston newest and upcoming bands. They have participated in The Royal American "Eclectic Evenings", Tivoli Art Studio's "Final Fridays", King Dusko on King St., Magic Whisper Shablam Throwdown house party and YogaPop, which was a celebration of Charleston's yoga community. Lectra Lust is currently excited and humbled to be invited to play a benefit for MUSC Brain And Spinal Tumor Program for the Brain Tumor Action Month this May. Also, you never know when Lectra Lust may be playing a house party near you soon.