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Export Abroad

Export Abroad is a global intelligence application that targets the $170 Billion spent every year on export research and brokerage fees. Our platform uses proprietary algorithms to identify a company’s top international markets, keeps track of global competition, and helps shape market penetration strategy.

By using our system, we save companies 4-6 weeks of research time, monitor any operational interruptions, and save them money versus using a consultant.


There are two main products, our dashboard and research application. The dashboard is a global command center that monitors supply disruptions, news, and trends in real time. The research application is where companies generate tailored market research reports that will shape their global strategy.


In the near future, we will begin an expansion phase where we find logistics and distribution for our customers. This will allow us to act as an export broker (where we take a percentage of each transaction), but automate the process with software so we aren’t limited in scale.


We currently have a fortune 500 paying customer and are in negotiations with another 5 for our intelligence platform. We are concurrently executing a brokerage deal with the largest electronics distributor in the UK and our African contacts as a pilot for our next phase.