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The first automatic brake lamp. Stoptix (by MechOptix) is the only automatic brake light that requires no modifications to your motorcycle or vehicle. Stoptix is the first product to offer a deceleration indicator solution inside the lamp — self-powered and self-illuminating.

MechOptix has transformed the brake lamp into a deceleration indicator. Stoptix is an automatic brake lamp which lights up when it should – anytime your vehicle suddenly slows down. It’s the only automatic brake light requiring no modifications to your vehicle. Installation is as easy as replacing your brake light bulb.


Stoptix increases visibility via early deceleration indication and reduces your chances of being rear-ended. It’s got your back!


We will start with motorcycles, quickly expand internationally in the same arena, and then push into broader automotive. The business opportunity is so great in motorcycles it buys us time to penetrate other markets and develop additional product offerings.


Our 20+ years of experience in optics, instrumentation, and sensors is supported by our passion for automobiles and riding. Our focus is to bring automotive safety technologies to the aftermarket so you can be safer in the vehicle you already drive.