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mobiPET is the world’s first photo amber alert for pets.

mobiPET brings the immediate action of real-time mobile networking to the search for a lost pet. With just one text message, people in the area who care about pets are alerted that a pet is missing. mobiPET requires no special equipment, such as chip readers or scanners. A camera-enabled mobile phone with text messaging capability, which covers over 90% of the U.S. mobile phone market, is all that is needed.The market for pet care is vast. About 62 percent of all households in the United States have a pet. About 83 million dogs and about 95 million cats are owned in the United States. In 2013, pet owners spent $55 billion on their pets.We offer a free basic service with additional premium service offerings. The free mobiPET service is designed for pet owners to; register their pet with a photo from their computer, tablet or cell phone, download an app for use on their smartphone, issue a lost pet photo text alert to neighbors who have registered, post the lost pet alert on social media and opt in to receive pet alerts from other pet owners in the immediate area or the community that they live in. A photo alert will go out by text to all registered pet owners or finders within a 2 mile radius or their registered community* and by email to their registered Veterinarian.


Premium Lifetime subscription $15. With a lifetime protection package the photo alert will also go by email to Animal Shelters and Animal Control facilities within a 30 mile radius immediately. The pet owner will also receive a pdf from which they can print out their own lost pet poster. If a pet should go missing from anywhere outside the registration address, we will notify the owner via text to input the address from which the pet went missing and issue the alert from that location.