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PillFill is the Mint.com for medications.

Using our patent-pending process, users can import all their medications, doctors & pharmacies in as little as 30 seconds. This patient-focused platform enables us to create tools to help our users avoid life-threatening issues while also minimizing healthcare costs for healthcare/insurance providers.


According to the CDC, approximately half of all Americans are on a monthly prescription medication. Of those, 65M people have 3 or more prescriptions, a number that doubled from 2010 to 2013. The cost of prescription benefits now represent up to 20% of overall insurance spending, making medication adherence programs a critical aspect of payer’s cost management/reduction efforts. Medication non-adherence is one of the most serious problems in healthcare, posing a heavy financial impact on all constituencies. On the cost side, the New England Healthcare Institute estimated that medication non-adherence is responsible for $290 billion in “otherwise avoidable medical spending” in the US alone each year.


We operate as a patient-centric health data aggregation platform & personal health record (PHR) repository, enabling patient focused medication management and adherence applications through business to business API offerings and customized medication adherence programs. We have built a platform to rapidly integrate, normalize, and link health data from existing patient healthcare accounts and portals. We expose this capability through APIs and services that we license to our B2B customers and our own B2C apps (sponsored and/or distributed by our customers).