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SAROS Desalination Project

By leveraging one of the most prevalent sources of renewable energy, ocean waves, EcoH2O Innovation’s venture, SAROS Desalination Project (Swell Actuated Reverse Osmosis System) is creating and testing a wave-driven, self-contained, seawater desalination system.

Utilizing only the energy found in the motion of ocean waves, it simplifies the desalination process by removing dependency on electricity and provides clean water to coastal regions in need.


Current desalination efforts tend toward large-scale plants or solutions which rely on grid electricity and/or fossil fuels. SAROS targets areas where typical solutions are unfeasible or undesirable. In developing communities, technologies requiring a grid connection are largely unusable, and end-user simplicity and reliable operation are needed. Being wave- driven, the SAROS unit is capable of operating completely off grid.


In the developed world, large quantities of water are required and reliance on large-scale plants powered through fossil fuels is environmentally irresponsible. Moving to diverse and sustainable solutions for water management, including but not limited to desalination, reduces effects of outside factors, such as oil prices and damages to the water supply.


SAROS will be a key component of a diverse and sustainable water supply. With our clean technology, we are expanding the water source, rather than just reusing current water supply and bringing desalination to areas that otherwise lacked access. Water scarcity is a growing issue and the need for this sustainable, affordable solution will only grow. With a fully functional Alpha prototype and a provisional patent filed, we are moving into Phase II of our project. This next phase will include researching and developing a Beta prototype and conducting an extended pilot study concentrating on long term operation, scaled production and effective application. We are targeting to be in the market within 18 months, focusing on developing coastal regions, communities searching for a sustainable solution and disaster relief applications.