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With 1.4 million apps in the Apple App Store, “There’s an app for that” has become a common phrase around the world. Almost as well known is the phrase, “There should be an app for that.” We believe capturing those ideas should be as natural as making a grocery list. That’s why we created a better way to visually display and describe your app ideas to encourage digital creativity.

Wires stores and organizes your ideas with simple layouts and allows you to collaborate with friends, professionals, and everybody in between.


As experienced consultants and developers in the mobile application market, our team is well-acquainted with the complexity and the nuances that accompany apps and the ideas that power them. The App Store is crowded with mobile apps that capture and organize ideas by writing, drawing, speaking, or even mind-mapping. As stand-alone solutions, they are inadequate when it comes describing the complexities of an app idea. App ideas need text, graphical elements, flow and structure. These ideas need to be documented in a way that reflects this.


Wires is a simple app that meets all of the needs of app ideas: design, annotations, storyboard, and collaboration. Making a note in Wires takes just minutes, making it easy to use at the moment of inspiration. Through four years together helping entrepreneurs and established businesses explore and focus their app ideas, our team has come to truly understand the best way to set up the app planning process. We’ve realized that everyone with an app idea needs an easy way to express that idea, whether they’re skilled developers or not.


We aren’t replacing traditional wireframing or prototyping, which are both valuable stages of the development process. Instead, we strive to provide the best tool for taking notes about app ideas so that jotting down an app idea is as simple as jotting down a book a friend recommends. Wires will be a hybrid of Moleskine, Evernote, and Grafio, made specifically for app ideas.


In order to reach the wide variety of people who have app ideas, Wires will be available at three levels: free and premium on mobile and professional on desktop. The free version will allow users to take note of one app idea. The premium version, which unlocks additional active projects through an in-app purchase, is targeted at more serious innovators who have multiple app ideas. The professional desktop SaaS version will be built for creative professionals who generate app ideas as part of their business and need robust collaboration tools. Wires for mobile is scheduled to release for iOS in spring 2015, and prototyping for the professional desktop version will begin shortly thereafter.