Barton L. Sachs

MD, Chief of Staff/Special Assistant to CEO
Charleston, SC
Bart Sachs, M.D. is the Chief of Staff & Chief Administrative Officer for Medical
University of South Carolina. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physician
Executives and Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. As an
Orthopaedic spine surgeon, he maintains fellowship in the American Academy of
Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American College of Spine Surgeons.
He is a transformational healthcare executive, with experience in managing key 
operational phases of both academic teaching hospitals and private organizations. His 
strengths include: strategic planning, physician relations, developing and implementing 
new clinical services, and designing innovative solutions to challenges posed by 
dynamic and uncertain current healthcare environment. He has an impressive record in 
cost containment through inventory reductions, staff reorganizations, and increased 
employee productivity.

In his current role at MUSC, he is responsible for initiatives in: patient experience, enterprise 
innovation, health advocacy, enhancing MUSC healthcare “value proposition”, time driven 
activity based cost accounting, coordinating advanced practice providers, and promoting 
education and training for MHA and APP students. Additionally, he serves on numerous 
national professional society committee organizations and work groups.

He has developed innovative ways of reshaping the MUSC health provider workforce, 
through coordinated care teams that focus upon Advanced Practice Providers. He has led 
teams and committees for Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) that created a $4.3 M 
impact in a five-month period. He fashioned and implemented a number of innovative 
institutional improvement endeavors through supply chain management. O ne surgical 
implant project saved the university medical center: $5 M during 2009 and an additional
$4 M in 2010.

Dr. Sachs was recently awarded the South Carolina ACHE Regent’s Award as Senior-Level 
Healthcare Executive for 2014. He was cited by Becker's, in both 2010 and 2012, 
as one of the "Top Ten Academic Spine Surgeons to Know."

Prior to time in Charleston, Dr. Sachs led several successful business units. At the Texas Back 
Institute in Dallas, Texas, he was the only full-time deformity spine surgical specialist for 
complex spine reconstructive procedures. He utilized innovative and advanced techniques 
/ technologies to improve patient outcomes. Technologies included endoscopic (VATS) 
spine surgery and robotic assisted spine surgery with image guidance (IGS) plus novel 
implants and devices such as total artificial spinal implant replacements. 

He founded, raised early equity, managed, and sold three different companies. As CEO of 
an independent for-profit clinical research organization, his company managed 17 concurrent 
clinical trials for new technologies that resulted in revenue of $3.5 mission. He raised initial 
start-up equity of $225,000 and within three years he negotiated the sale of 51% equity position in that company for $1.25 million (resulting in 400% return on capital investment.) As 
president and chief operations officer of an independent non-profit foundation in Dallas, he 
created a “patient assistance fund” to provide $400,000 for spinal care for needy patients. 
Concurrently, he directed research and education programs that generated revenue of $1.7 
million; while, he funded a spine surgical fellowship training programs with $700,000 per year. 
Also, he co-founded a spine implant technology incubator organization with initial $3.5 million 
for minimally invasive (MIS) spine products. His company went on to raise additional $35 
million equity capital.

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