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Kate Connor

Culinary Writer/Recipe Tester / Producer
Charleston and Raleigh
Kate started in New York City with independent film production, Journeyman Films, which led her to Los Angeles to work for the President of Creative Artist Agency. After teaching celebrities how to drive their Prius’, she decided not to pursue the business side of film production and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu to get her culinary degree (instead of going to law school as her mother preferred). Since that point, culinary has been the focal point of everything she does; from owning her own catering company in Texas, to running events for Sundance film in Park City Utah, from starting the culinary publication, The Local Palate, to managing accounts for The Reynolds Group PR, Kate has been steeped in the culinary world.As the editor and chief of the magazine, Kate met culinary writers and photographers throughout the country, launched opening events in several cities, directed photo shoots in varying settings, stylized and tested food recipes from numerous chefs and ran the editorial and artistic direction of the publication. Oh, and she ate inordinate amounts of fried chicken and porks of all variations. When she’s not cooking up a feast for friends, you can find Kate with her family at Seabrook, enjoying the beach or a gin and tonic on the dock.